How to prepare a bachelor party with shooting?


Organizing the bachelor party is not an easy task. There are many things you can do, but most of them are not very original. We are here to show you some ideas, which are definitely not boring! The first one is paintball. It is a favourite sport for men and ideal for parties. You can take all of your friends to the paintball playground and have fun!


If you friend like shooting, there is another idea. In Prague is a great shooting range. They provide one of the best shooting experience in the whole country! You will remember the outback´s mission for a lifetime. They have great prices, so you don´t have to worry about the money. Also, they have an indoor prague gun range https://outbackprague.com/, so you will be independent on weather. Check their website for more information: Outbackprague.com.


The next idea is a concert. This is not very traditional type of entertainment on a bachelor party, but it can be amazing! If your friend is fun of music, he will definitely enjoy it. It is better if you choose some kind of smaller concert from a local songwriter. When you go to some huge concert from an international interpret, it won´t be so personal. When you come home after these actions, you should have some fun at home. If you have a garden, it is just perfect. You can organize a small garden party outside. You should prepare a lot of food and drinks of course. We recommend especially beer and vodka. Do not forget to prepare music for the evening. If you have a big speaker, you can create a playlist on Spotify. Everybody can add their own favourite songs during the party. The last thing you should think about is the stripper. Maybe even ask your friend, if he want the stripper or not. Not everybody likes this type of fun. We hope that everything goes well and your friend will enjoy his bachelor party! Have fun and don´t worry about the small details, which can go wrong.